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December 10, 2012
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Jack Frost x Reader; I can't think of a title.

Just to be sure.
[i/b] Internet Browser.
[e/c] Eye color.
[f/c] Favorite color.
[2nd f/c] 2nd Favorite color.
[h/l] Hair length.
[h/c] Hair color.

It was noon; you had a lot of late work and things to do, so you begin typing your School Project. It was already dark by the time you were almost finished, and you started needing some kind of research; you got into [i/b], just to find out that you had no connection on your room. Carefully picking up your laptop, you walked to the living room. But all your care was in vain, the computer, which was already old, shut itself down; your [e/c] eyes widened as you started muttering. “No no no.. Oh hell no!” You cursed at the top of your lungs; it was the only thing you could do; all your work, everything, gone. “I’m done.” You said under your breath. “So fucking done!” Saying that out loud, you picked up your [f/c] scarf, putting it on around your neck as well as a [2nd f/c] coat that seemed to sizes bigger than it should be. Deciding that you wouldn’t do the project, at least, for now, you got your myths book and went outside your flat, walking until you reached a park, covered in snow, and cleaned one of the seats, taking out its snow and sitting. Trying to calm yourself down so you could write your project tomorrow, you started reading your book. It was wonderful, it had some great information about the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, who you found a bit disturbing... It wasn’t normal for someone to go around and pay for teeth from other people. You frowned while thinking about it. And there was also your personal favorite. Jack Frost, the winter spirit, who brought the beautiful snow in the city you lived, every year. With a smile of delight, you nodded. You believed from the bottom of your heart on each, and every one of them, even when your friends teased you and some thought it was odd for a girl in high school to believe in such foolish things. You brushed off those thoughts as you smile, content, looking at small snowflakes falling around. You believed them with all of your heart but… “A little sign that you’re there would be nice...” You said to no one in particular, looking at the little dancing snow.

You shudder when you feel a polar-cold breeze getting trough your thick clothing. “Fucking shit… That’s cold!” You say, loud enough for anyone on the desert park to hear, while feeling your face get redder from the cold. Putting the book on the seat next to yours and wrapping your arms around yourself, you close your eyes, trying to get warm. “How is that for a sign?” You hear a male voice, proud of himself, and you shot your eyes open and look around, searching from a provider. “I must be going insane; hearing voices…” You said, for there was no one in the park who could have said that. “Are you?” You hear it again, paying attention; you turn quickly, being able to see a boy. “Bloody hell!” You exclaim, surprised, as he was pretty close to you, and it made you blush, quite nervous. Backing away for a bit, you looked at him. He seemed to be around your age, with a odd, soft white hair, a blue eyes with such a color that you’ve never seen before, and a large grin on his face. ‘Well, he is cute...’ You thought for yourself, shaking your head to drive those thoughts away. “And who might you be?” You asked, and in response he pointed to his chest, trying to understand if you were talking to him. With a sigh, you nod. “Yes, of course you!”. He seemed amazed by the fact that you were talking to him. ‘Weirdo...’ You thought, tilting your head and waiting for a response. “You can see me?” That’s what you’ve got as a response. “But you’re already so old!” Now you felt offended. “Excuse me! I’m seventeen years old, I’m not old, thank you!” You said, angrily. He looked surprised, and kind of embarrassed. “T-That’s not what I meant… I mean… I’ve never seen someone over ten believing in us..!” He said. That didn’t make it sound any better. “In us..?” You repeated, confused, putting some of your [h/l][h/c] locks off your face and behind your ear. “Yes, us, the guardians!” You looked at him in disbelief. “Stop saying so much rubbish…” You said, quickly hiding your book in your pocket. “It’s not.. Rubbish… I mean, you asked for a sign, and so I sent you one!” He stated, like it was obvious. You shook your head, sighing. “Sure, sure you did...”. “But you believe us! The guardians!” He said with a big smile. “No, I don’t!” You lied. You believed in them with all your heart, and you did asked for a sign, but you wouldn’t tell that for a weird guy you just met. He pouted, saying. “But of course you do, why else would you be able to see me?” You took your fingers to your forehead, rubbing them softly, trying not to curse at all this nonsense. “And you.. Are?” You asked again. “The one and only, Jack Frost!” He said proudly, causing you to crack and laugh. “Oh, yeah, sure you are…” You said after your laugh. He seemed angry; he came closer to you and held both of your cheeks with his hand. “I am, and I can prove it!” Since your cheeks were being held by his unbelievably cold hand, you couldn’t really talk, and said with a funny voice. “What are you doing?” He let go of your cheeks to laugh, making your cheeks, already pink from the cold, get even redder. “S-Shut up, you git!” You said, embarrassed, looking away and quickly changing the subject. “How are you going to prove it?”. He came closer to you, staring at your [e/c] eyes with a big grin, and then held a big staff, big enough to make you wonder how you didn’t noticed it before, and pointed to your sit, making frosty, beautiful patterns appear all around you. You looked at it, amazed, carefully touching it. “H-How did you do this?” You look up at him, who seemed to be flying around. “Well, blow me...” You said, looking at him in wonder. “Well, I told you, I’m Jack Frost.” You could only nod in agreement, speechless. “So, now that you believe me, do you want to have some fun?” He asked you, a grin plastered on his face. “Fun…? What kind of-” You didn’t have the time to agree, nor to finish your sentence, for there he was, putting his hands around your waist and picking you up, flying into the sky, being dragged by the most cold wind. Like any person would, you yelped in surprise and screamed, clinging to his neck, afraid that you would fall. You closed your eyes; with them closed, it actually didn’t felt so bad, it had this amazing freedom feeling in flying that made you giggle. Your eyes opened when he landed in a frozen lake, with the moon shining down, making a beautiful reflex on your feet.

With a smile, you looked at him. “So.. What kind of fun you said we were having?” You asked, face flushed from the cold, trying to stand in the ice without falling into your butt, like you usually did. “Well...” You heard him say, before throwing a snowball in your face. “Oh, you…!” You said, shivering when the snow fell inside your coat. “Bloody git…” You said under your breath, getting down and making your own little ball and throwing it in his face, who was distracted laughing. He coughed because of the snow that got into his mouth. “That serves you right, Jack!” You stated, laughing softly before having to run and fall several times in the ice, being hit by and throwing a lot of snowballs. After the snowball fight, he gave you a piece of wood that you’d fit in, and as you sat in it, wondering what could it be, he simply pushed you and ran in front of the way, making an ice path for you to go in. You held close to the wood, screaming your lungs out as you prayed now to be hit by any car. He made the ice go up, and so did you, as when you got to the end of the path, you could say you were flying; until you hit the ground, in a good amount of snow, going inside of it. After a lot of fight, you got off the snow, laughing and throwing some of it at Jack. “God, you could at the least have warned me, git!” You said, smiling. “What’s the fun on that?” He asked, grinning happily. It was already late, and you looked around, being in a strange city in the middle of the night. “Oh.. What time is it?” You asked yourself, looking at the clock. “Oh, blast it! It’s already so late!” You said, in chock. “Jack, I think I should go home!” He pouted, nodding and picking you up in a bridal style, flying up. This time, you didn’t yelped or screamed; you looked around, with a big smile on your face like you were a child getting a very big box in Christmas. “Everything is so beautiful up here!” You stated, looking at Jack, who had a big grin while nodding. The winter spirit slowly putted you in front of your flat, and when he was starting to fly away, you pulled his staff to claim his attention. “Hey.. Jack! Will you come to visit me again?” You asked, your heart betting fast as you waited for his response. He smiled softly and came closer, landing again on the ground. With a smile, he nodded. “Of course you will!” “Promise!” You said, looking at him. “I promise I’ll visit you all the time!” With a big smile, you nodded. “It’s a promise then!” He came even closer, making the small gap between you two disappear as his lips met yours. Your [e/c] eyes widened, but soon melted into the cold, frosty and yet sweet kiss. It didn’t lasted as long as you wanted to, because you had to back off for some air. You looked at him, and he had the biggest grin you’ve ever seen, which made you giggle. “See you soon!” He said, flying into the sky, letting a few snowflakes fall in your nose. You smiled softly and nodded. “See you soon..” After you got in, something crossed your mind. “H-How the hell did he knew where I live?!” You asked yourself, as you remembered you met him at the park.

Extended Ending.

In the middle of the summer, you were wearing only a [f/c] bikini top and jeans shorts. It was one of the hottest days you’ve ever been born to witness; you were rolling around in your house, with about thirty fans all over the place. “Oh Jack...” You let out a deep sigh, saying; “For Christ’s sake, come back here and make it snow, because I think I’m dying.” You whined, rolling around to your window, looking out. Your eyes widened as a small snowflake danced around and fell into the glass, you ran and opened your window, and a cold breeze hit your face, making you smile like it’s a gift from god. You looked around and saw Jack, with a sly grin on his face, saying. “So, you missed me so much you couldn’t wait for next winter, un?” You smiled as he finished. “I must be a god damn great kisser!” You couldn’t help but laugh, throwing yourself in his arms and hugging the cold winter spirit. “I started believing you wouldn’t come!” You nuzzled your nose in his neck, smiling. A small blush crosses his face as he smiled. “Well, I guess you’re my exception.”
I'm sorry I made her say brittish little things, I used my image while writting. I actually was writting something else, but my computed shut down and I wrote this to calm myself down.

This is the first thing I've ever wrote and all, so please, give me critiques but don't kill me or something.
I'm sorry- I was actually writting a Jack Frost x Cupid and shit, but yea
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