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February 14, 2013
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Jack Frost x Reader; Be a snowflake and fall for me

“What if she doesn’t want to go on a date with me? W-What if she likes someone else?” Your desperate winter friend asked. He really did sound worried, this girl he was talking about just now must be really special. With a sigh, you answer him calmly. “Look, man, I doubt there anyone on Earth that wouldn’t want to go on a date with you.” A smile crossed his face as he flew around you. “I mean, look at this precious face!” You said while pressing your hands against his cheeks. After letting his cheeks go, you giggle, saying. “How ‘bout that? You can practice with me! C’mon, ask me out on a date!” The utter shock on his face was too much to handle and you couldn’t help but laugh.

After quite a minute of messing around, you two actually got serious and begin a somewhat practice. “S-So, snowflake, w-would yo-” “Wait, wait.” You interrupted him. “Perhaps it’ll be better if you don’t stutter. I mean, hell, it’s adorable, but maybe you should show more confidence!” “Ok; Hey! How about you and me- ” “Oh god, stop, try to be gentler.” “Mhm.. That is so confusing.. Ok.. Let’s try it like..” He took a deep breath, holding your hand gently and smiled. God, that smile! “Hey, snowflake, I was wondering now, would you like to be my valentine~?” He finished it with a wink that simply made your heart melt, the girl he was going to ask out was the luckiest person alive, and even though you were happy for him, you couldn’t help but get a bit sulky, for all of this training really hurt your heart. You had a crush on him for years now, but he was always into someone else, ugh, and you didn’t even knew this girl, did you? You probably got lost in your thoughts again, for you only heard Jack snapping his fingers and calling your name. “Was I that bad?” He asked, clearly worried. You abruptly shook your head, saying. “No no no no! That was amazing! It was perfect! Anyone would hardly ever think that the word no exists!” You gave him your best smile and said. “Don’t forget some chocolate or roses!” And with that, you pushed him away. “Now go! Go ask her out!”

~Time skip~

A few hours passed, you were getting ready to watch My Bloody Valentine with some chocolates around, when you heard a loud tap on your window. You gave the movie a pause and rushed, opening it and pulling Jack inside, as ansious as a little children, asking. “So? What did she say?” He tried calming you down, but you really did wanted to know about it, so he sat on the couch, saying. “She didn’t answer me.” Your eyes widened, and you almost tackled him. “W-What do you mean?” “Well, you see, I talked with Tooth after asking her, and she said the best way to get an answer was to show my true feelings, or something like that. Like.. With a kiss!” He exclaimed. You thought about it for a while, shrugging. “Well, she is right. Then what?” You sat by his side, waiting for him to continue telling you what happened, but his actions were so sudden that it startled you. When you realized what happened, he was over you, placing his lips on yours. Closing your eyes, you didn’t even thought about anything, just kissed him back, and it was amazing! It felt cold, but it wasn’t a bad cold, it felt really good, a chilly sensation that made you smile into the kiss. Sooner than you wanted, he broke the kiss, leaning in the couch. “So?” He said, you shook your head, tilting it to the right. “W-What?” He smirked a bit. “You still didn’t answer me, will you be my valentine, snowflake?” You stood there for a moment before grinning like crazy. “I’d be honored to!”

~Extended Ending~

“What is this movie you’re going to watch?“ Jack asked, pointing to the television, a smirk formed in you face. “It’s just my valentine’s special, wanna watch?” He nodded. Oh, that’d be good, of course he didn’t saw that kind of movie coming.

It was priceless.
Heyyyy, long time no see? jk
But I just did this little something for valentines day, because ugh

Writers block, Y U so cruel?
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oh~ jack frost pick up lines

I love winter its an excuses to cuddle

I love you SNOW much

when were together even on the coldest days are warm

your smile makes me melt

I told north all I want for Christmas is you

jack: can you see me!?!


jack: oh really how about tomorrow night

regular pick up lines

is your face from McDonald's cuz im lovin it

hey girl feel my sweater want to know whats its made of.... boyfriend material

do you have a band aid cuz I scraped my knee falling for you

are you a wizard cuz abraca-dayum.....(face palm)

are you Pikachu cuz your shockingly beautiful

do you know cpr cuz your taking my breathe away(god help me)

do you have a map cuz I keep getting lost in your eyes (stop it please)

do you mind if I walk you home my mother always said follow you dreams

.....please help me STITCH LLORA 

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